Monday, 29 November 2010

First Charity Craft Fair - Really Fun!!

On Saturday I attended my first charity craft fair in Reading and must admit to being a little nervous.  The main point for me was to promote the website by handing out business cards and leaflets but I very quickly got caught up in the whole experience.   The proceeds from the fair were going to charity and as it was a local fair, many of the buyers were young children and families.

Initially it was a bit scary as I looked at the other sellers, as they seemed far more prepared than me.  Many people seemed to have proper stands that they'd bought whereas my stands were handmade..

Initially it was slow until i dropped the price of the Voodoo Dolls keyrings by a pound.   The affect this had was for the kids to grab their parents and pull them over to my stand :-)   Once they were there, the parents usually ended up buying something as well which was fantastic and was pleased my handmade jewellery was selling so well !

The scene looked a bit like this (ok maybe not quite but i'd forgotten my camera :-)   )...

I'm feeling happier about these sorts of fairs now and will be looking out for stands to hold my items.  If anybody knows of where i can get such stands cheaply and also how to make a professional cardboard logo for the stand - do get in touch and let me know and share any tips you might have for successful stands at these sorts of events..

Thanks for reading x

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  1. Glad it went well. You have some great products at great prices-well done!! xx