Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Vietnamese Girl's Dream Versus Google

Dreams Versus Google
Can dreams alone get you to no.1 in Google?    

How the Dream Started...

I was born in a little town called Quang Binh in Vietnam and raised by my family here in the UK.
As in many Oriental cultures, I was "encouraged" to become a doctor, pharmacist or Lawyer by my family, as they wanted me to have the life they didn't.  I chose law as medicine didn’t appeal (too squeamish) so one degree and several years later, I find myself in a large international company - another paralegal working her fingers to the bone.

I'd always dreamed of opening a little Oriental Gift Shop of my own in the lanes of Brighton, but money has always been tight and I wanted to make sure that I could afford for the business to fail - of course that day never came so I still had no shop.

It hit me recently that spiritually I needed to do something with my life that gave it more meaning than the daily grind of office culture- and it was seeing this image in a Yo Sushi restaurant in London that finally gave me a wake up call.

My Lucky Cat inspired from a trip to Yo Sushi - Where dreams are born...  

The dream was this.  I had many contacts in Vietnam and other parts of the Orient so why not use those contacts to acquire Vietnamese and Japanese gifts, so I could setup my own oriental shop?   

My husband and i have been very busy building this online shop using a number of different techniques and it's hard but very rewarding work.  It's taking a lot of time doing everything ourselves but it's incredible how much you can learn..

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